Home & Linen Mists

Our 100ml Home & Linen Mists can be used around the home, by misting high up into each corner of your room and letting the gentle fragrance fill the air.  You can also mist onto your fabrics to freshen up (make sure you test on an inconspicuous area 1st and remember to spray approx. 8 inches away). 
Approx. 800 spray's in each bottle.
All our Home & Linen Mist fragrances are available in Candles, Reed Diffusers, Wax Air/Wax Melt Discs & The Melters so you can create a sense of harmony right throughout your home.
Our matt black gift tubes compliment our products with their simple understated elegance. Choose to receive your item with our without one. However at just £2 each, and packaged beautifully, they will turn your purchase into a beautiful gift. Just choose from he drop down menu when selecting your product.
Repurposing: There will be little or no waste product left in your bottle once finished as we have made sure to let the inner tube go right down to the very bottom of the bottle. That way you can wash out your bottle, remove the label and reuse.  We like to keep them filled with plain water to mist our house-plants!