Amber & Lily - Signature Collection

A beautiful feminine fragrance with a slight hint of woodiness and an oriental touch. A rather luxurious incense infused scent, enriched with soft florals of black orchid and spiced waterlilly on a precious wood and cardamom base. 

Jasmine & Green Tea - Signature Collection

Lime, lemon & bergamot jazz up the earthy notes of green tea whilst the delicate jasmine softens the citrus, laying to rest on a tuberose base. This has a natural earthiness to it which is beautifully invigorating.

Lemongrass & Ginger - Signature Collection

A beautiful sharp citrus fragrance with a side-kick of ginger which is perfect for summer or if you are just looking for a little sunshine in your life to lift your mood. It will fill any room with a wonderful fresh, zingy vibe

Strawberry &  - Signature Collection

Juicy strawberry and raspberry are wrapped in a fruity punch of citrus and apple skin, opening up with a floral blend of jasmine and gardenia, all tied in with hints of golden caramel and peach.  This one will transport you right back to those fun filled day's with the girls, full of giggles and gossip.....and strawberry cocktails.


The Rural Glens - Exclusive Collection

Raspberry, Thistle and Woodsmoke.  This blend was created from fond memories while visiting rural Scotland.  We love nothing better than pitching our tent, wild camping by the side of a loch and taking time out while enjoying all the fabulous smells around us.  This cracking little Scottish scent encapsulates the stillness and calmness of rural Scotland. 

The Urban Parks - Exclusive Collection

Chai, Tobacco and Woodsmoke have been fused together and resulted in a special fresh outdoor blend.  This scent came to be as we love nothing better than procrastinating with a Chai Latte in one hand and having a good natter with friends, getting nice and toasty from the log burner in the cafe while the grass is being cut in the park across the road. So this is our version of those great afternoons catching up with friends.

The Country Gardens - Exclusive Collection

Tobacco Blossom and Black Tea make up this modern floral fragrance. It was designed remembering the feeling of content after a long stroll or a hard day's work, curled up on the sofa with a strong tea and smelling the beautiful flowers being brought in by the shallow countryside breeze. 


Lavender - Essential Collection

Known for relaxing and balancing properties, both physically and emotionally. Promotes a feeling of relaxation/wellbeing with detoxifying & sedative effects.  We love relaxing in a bath by candlelight then laying down into a lavender-spritzed bedding for a very restful nights sleep.

Palmarosa - Essential Collection

Can help relieve stress and anxiety and well-known for its hydrating properties. It can assist in preventing inflammation and quelling dehydration. It can balance the oil production of your skin to which may help remedy acne breakouts. This spa-like scent is a good de-stresser after a long day's work.

Peppermint - Essential Collection

This is our sidekick when we are doing our admin days here at House of Rothach as it helps clear and calm the mind and stimulate healthy brain activity - our go-to focus scent.  It may promote a healthy digestive system, repel bugs and help relieve headaches, stress and nausea. 

Citronella - Essential Collection

The natural deodorising qualities of Citronella work a treat to help repel those unwanted cooking smells. It may also help repel insects and is known for having antibacterial, antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory properties.  This one is our favourite indoor/outdoor summer evening candle.