From the misty glens of Scotland emerge a symphony of scents, woven from the threads of nature's tapestry. Raspberry, thistle, and woodsmoke dance on the breeze, painting a picture of serene stillness and tranquil calm. These fragrances, born of the land, capture the essence of rural Scotland.

An alchemy of Chai, Vetiver, and Woodsmoke has given rise to a fresh aroma of the great outdoors. The element of freshly cut grass, evokes memories of verdant meadows and forests. This blend captures the essence of nature's magic, transforming any space into a realm of wonder.

Embark on a sensory journey through the countryside, where the fragrant blooms of Tobacco Blossom and Black Tea are blended beautifully to create a modern floral symphony. Picture yourself sipping on a robust cup of tea while the gentle breeze carries the sweet perfume of flowers, painting a vivid tapestry of true bliss.

A symphony of scents crafted from the nectar of sun-kissed lemongrass, infused with a spicy companion of invigorating ginger. An elixir of zest, perfect for the balmy days of summer, or to kindle the hearth of your soul with radiance. With every breath, it will transform your surroundings into a paradise of freshness and energy, brightening even the gloomiest of days.

A spellbinding blend of amber, musk, and incense, laced with the sweetness of oranges, conjures an aura of indulgence. This uplifting fragrance weaves refinement, elegance, and allure, transporting you to the pinnacle of lavishness within the world of luxury scent.

Behold, a fragrance of opulence, where the warm embrace of oud entwines with the invigorating zest of bergamot. Balanced perfectly, this will captivate your senses with its seductive and alluring aroma.

Indulge in a retreat to the spa and awaken your soul with the scents of Mandarin and Sandalwood. As you bask in its rejuvenating ambience, let the citrusy tones of mandarin fuse with the comforting essence of sandalwood to instill serenity. Surrender to the delicate floral notes that imbue your senses with a sense of peace and tranquility.

Known for relaxing and balancing properties, both physically and emotionally, lavender can promote a feeling of relaxation/wellbeing with detoxifying & sedative effects. Relaxing in a bath by candlelight then ease yourself down into a lavender-spritzed bedding for a restful night’s sleep.

Unfurl your senses with Palmarosa, the mystical herb that can ease your burdens and soothe your spirit. Known as the Indian Geranium, this bloom from the rose family has long been hailed as a spa-like, with potent powers to dispel stress and anxiety. With its naturally floral essence, let Palmarosa unravel the knots of your day and guide you to a space of serenity and calm.