Lockdown Update

Lockdown Update

So we are into our third month of lockdown and what a time it has been for us all.  Things and people have changed a lot in recent months and I really hope it's for the better.  Somebody once told me, never talk about politics or religion in business (unless you're a politician or person of the cloth of course :) ), so I am absolutely not getting into the nitty gritty of the whole situation. People have their own opinion and that's allowed. 

What I do want to do is give you a bit of an update since my last blog post.  It really was a bit uncertain....sorry about that!

Truth be told, I was feeling scared, nervous, anxious, completely lost and didn't know what to do...all I saw were dark times ahead.  For the first few weeks of lockdown I got stuck into some much needed DIY & decorating and hardly done anything HOR related.  I knew it wasn't right but, well, I guess subconsciously, that was my way of getting myself and my focus ready to readjust with the times ahead.

Fast forward 4 weeks - head stuck in the laptop all day every day, watching webinars from experts (and some not so experts) learning mostly about marketing, advertising, design, and tidying up HOR's social media presence.  Since all foreseeable events had been cancelled, and I still damn well wanted a business post-lockdown, I really had to put the time in to adapt and re-focus my business to suit the new strategy.

Boy, that was, and still is difficult.  It's just me, I have no help from anyone else.  I have great support from friends and colleagues but I do absolutely everything myself....all from one room at home which I have way outgrown (tripping over myself trying to do anything).  

You know what though, I love my business even more than ever now.  I have a clear vision and I think it is finally coming across in presence. Even although I am tripping over myself making up the smallest of orders, I do with with care and attention to detail every time.  

So, wrapping this post up, I would urge you to do what you need to do, to keep your goals in sight, and channel your energy in whatever way you need to so that your focus is in the right place to keep doing what you love!

Niki :)



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