First ever blog!

Hi all, I'm Niki, the founder and owner of House of Rothach.  It's very nice to meet you and I'll delve a little further into me later on :)

So it's late on a Sunday evening and, having sat at the laptop pretty much all day, I find myself here....the blog posts page and thinking eek, where do I start?

The answer is, I'm not actually sure so you will need to bear with me while I fumble around and find my way.  I do actually like writing so I may, and hopefully you, will end up enjoying my blog posts.

Having recently rebranded, I'm having to spend a lot of time working behind the scenes (hence at the laptop all day, in my joggers may I add), trying to build up this little business to get recognised again online. This is the part people don't see and can sometimes be difficult as I know all the work & effort being put in doesn't get results overnight....I can be a tad impatient at times.  I have been working on the website and creating a little email campaign to our subscribers for some feedback - this will be send out this week so if you are a subscriber, I would be so grateful if you could help out.

So all in all, it has been a really productive day, although scared to look at my fitness tracker as I'm guessing I must have done less than 1000 steps today so will be hitting the gym tomorrow for sure!

One of my favourite quotes for this week:

Find happiness in this moment. This moment is your life.


Niki :)




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