Exciting, uncertain but positive times

Exciting, uncertain but positive times

I thought by the time I was writing my next blog post (which was meant to be before now btw) that the nation would be in a different situation and on the road to recovery.  What do I know eh!

What I DO know is this time has been the most productive and creative, albeit challenging, road for my business, and me personally on many levels.

I've spent a lot of time on the laptop, learning new skills to help my business through this pandemic including marketing, networking, upping the social media, and just trying to get seen.  Guess what....it's working!!!

House of Rothach has been chosen as one of Small Business Saturday's #smallbiz100 this year.  This is a national campaign which highlights 100 inspirational small businesses on the 100 days before Small Business Saturday on the 5th December - the day where we are all asked as a nation to shop small!  I was completely blown away to have been chosen and still can't believe it!   My day for being promotion is 23rd October so be sure to keep a look out on our social media for lots of posts throughout the day as there will be some great offers etc. From that, we've already been featured in 3 local newspapers, an online magazine, some business blogs and will be doing a live podcast next month too....eek! We also have some collaborations in the pipeline which I'm so excited about and can't wait to get working on.

We had our first event (outdoor), since before lockdown, in Dumfries a couple of weeks ago and the response we received was just great! Sadly, I think these will be few and far between until next year but we live in hope.  It was just really nice to get out and about again shouting about our brand and products!

With all thats going on......I'm also moving house in a couple of weeks time.  I certainly don't do things by half. Everything is happening at once but ...it's all good (can't wait to get my new studio set up....just the way I want it ;)

We are always learning and the road isn't always easy.  Life throws obstacles in our way just when we least expect them but it's how we deal with them that counts.  I have my down days and that's allowed, but I know I need to stay focused on the journey ahead and that gets me through them. I absolutely love what I do and wouldn't change it one bit.

House of Rothach is here to stay and I hope you join with me on the trip....it's going to be one heck of a trip!



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