Collection: Wax Air / Wax Melt Discs / Vegan

Made with 100% natural wax, filled with dried botanical's and packed full of fragrance. Vegan product.
These are dual purpose as can be hung or placed somewhere for you to enjoy the scent on passing or why not hang them over a hanger in your wardrobe, from a door knob, over a bedpost, mirror or placed in a drawer/suitcase etc....endless possibilities.
They can also be melted in a wax burner so they are effectively a giant Wax Melter!  .....although don't forget to break them into a few pieces as they are rather large at (approx. 70mm diameter).
They are tied with simple ribbon or twine, wrapped in recycled tissue paper and presented in a matt black recycled card box.
 Note: best not to place directly inside clothing or direct sunlight.  If melting in a wax burner, use an unscented tealight. Keep away from draughts, children & pets.