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House of Rothach


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Enliven your home with a luxurious festive scent. This exclusive set of three mists brings aromatic joy to any ambience, evoking a feeling of richness and class. Adorned with beautiful fragrance, your home will become a fragrant oasis of inviting luxury.

SAVE £8 when you buy the trio.


Made with a natural base and scented with the finest essential and fragrance oils.

How to use

Shake bottle before spraying high up in the corners of your room.

Mist on to fabrics to freshen. Mist from a distance and if unsure, please test on an inconspicuous area first.

Re-use & Re-purpose

Once you have used up all the product, why not wash out (remember to spray soapy water through the spray section), and you could use this to mist your house-plants!