Two candles, one amber glass, one matt black tin. Both with natural coloured labels. Placed on a white background. Scent is Citronella.
House of Rothach


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Fragrance Description:

The natural deodorising qualities of Citronella are fantastic.  We love burning these in our open plan kitchen-lounge as they work a treat to help repel those unwanted cooking smells. It may also help repel insects and is known for having antidepressant properties, so not only will your house smell great, it should help lift your mood too!  

This one is our favourite indoor/outdoor summer evening well as when cooking with foods with punchy aromas! 


Large candle - approx 40 hours burn time.

Small candle - approx 25 hours burn time. 


Citronella is part of our Essential Collection so you are welcome to have a look at what else we offer in this range.

* Remember to buy a gift box along with your order if buying a present, otherwise your candle will arrive wrapped protected in a recycled cardboard transportation box filled with recycled packing paper. 

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